Frank Leo, SRL has an exclusive division for movers and relocation, which has its own team of professionals, transportation, equipment and storage. Our services are tailor made for individuals, families, companies, NGOs and diplomatic corps, and make an event that is highly stressful and complicated a worry-free experience for our customers.

We offer the following movers and relocation services:

  • National and international moving and relocation, by land, air or sea
  • Packing and moving of household goods and personal effects
  • Special packing for antiques and art works
  • Special packing for machineries
  • Management of exhibitions, conventions and workshops
  • Storage and transits
  • Relocation and moving of homes, offices, warehouses and retail stores
  • Moving of vehicles, boats and light aircraft
  • Moving of animals and plants
  • Consular certification
  • Insurance policy
  • Assistance for relocating in the DR, local advice and assistance to settle up

For quotation contact us at movers@frankleo.com